Good day and welcome to my site.

This site is home to the writings of NovelistEzhno.

As storms and windy seasons came into the life of Ezhno, this site became a ghost town but it is now being resurrected and it will be a slow process to begin. Though this site contains entire series and chapters written by the author, they have been retracted and locked away until their time has come. For now you can read minor works and teasers for some of his projects by the sidebar on your left.

Currently the author is rewriting and adding to his works to make them even better.
Current projects include:
Rewriting of Sanctuary: Hope’s Light and Shadow
Completing the Saturn Labyrinth in Sanctuary: Knights of the Four Seasons
Finishing the prologue to Sanctuary: My love, I will protect you!
Completing the final chapters to the novel, Yesterday Never Ended: The Nostalgic Season

Take care, enjoy, and Christ bless!